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    What gets accelerated?

    Turbo2Dialup NOW Imaging!™ web accelerator employs state of the art industry-leading compression, optimization and acceleration techniques perfected to fetch information from the Internet many times faster, in order to speed up the delivery of Web pages, emails and FTP content to your computer. Amazingly with Turbo2Dialup NOW Imaging!™ web accelerator, you get to browse the Internet at speeds that are up to nineteen times faster than your regular dial-up connection. The online content that the Turbo2Dialup NOW Imaging!™ service accelerates is as follows:

    arrowWeb browsing and Web mail (including attachments!)
    arrowGraphics including JPEG, GIF, and PNG images
    arrowMacromedia Flash and Animated GIF
    arrowE-mail - SMTP, POP, IMAP (including attachments!)
    arrowFTP Content

    Additional Features

    Other value-added features of the accelerator software include:

    arrowPrivacy Manager - clear you cache, cookies, and history in one click
    arrowInternet Explorer® Toolbar - change your settings more conveniently
    arrowFTP Acceleration - Accelerate FTP file transfer!
    arrowBanner-Ad Blocking - Stop the ads and surf faster
    arrowIntegrated Diagnostic Support Tool - help us solve your problem faster