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"A lot of my friends were very skeptical because of your low cost... it all changed when they learned how efficient and reliable your internet service has been. Thanks a million!!!" -Paulette Smith of Ajax

"Wow!!! When I first heard of this I couldn't Believe my ears. I thought at this
price service would not be included but I was wrong. Good Web Space(20MB). Great Service and Greatest price. I have been a customer with 295 for over a year without any complaints."
-Gihan Sooriyabandara of Cambridge

"295 is GREAT!!!I have already helped set up many friends and family, so that they too can enjoy great savings!" -Stephany Vautour of Winchester

"When I first heard of on the local radio station I was skeptical, than I signed up & have enjoyed every time I logged on as well as the savings !!!" -Andrew Kennedy of Ottawa

"Great!!! Excellent Service, Servicio Excelente, te lo recomiendo." -David Ramirez of Kitchener

"Wow! We were paying $29.43 per month for a service that was very slightly slower. As
seniors, we sure appreciate the huge savings. Keep up the good work."
-Margaret W of Woodstock

"Lost for words. It works for me! Thanks" -Linda Barr of Burlington

"Cheap, unlimited and reliable...this is (ALMOST) to good to be true! Thank-you" -Michael Song of Toronto

"Thank you very much for this kind and generous service. This can tell that there are
still business entrepreneurs that endeavor to serve with less. It is fair to say
that you are the best in all aspects that matters the most- service with dignity."
-Kasahun Tessema of Toronto

You are the BEST. For that amount, what else you can ask? I am using a web cam to talk to my family in Europe and it works just fine. Whenever I want to connect I get access. Once more, BRAVO." -Zoran Rakic of Mississauga

"I'm glad your service is so affordable and efficient. Also, having joined at the right time, I'm sooo glad that the Hospital for Sick Children benefit -- just sooo glad. I can't thank you enough." -Lesley MacKinnon of Toronto

"Your Service is great and I wish your company prosper for ever and ever." -Mr. Ham of Mississauga

"Super Duper Service of Montreal" -Sahen Gala of Montreal

"I use this great service with a web accelerator. It works wonderfully in an area where only Dialup is available. If I ever have a problem, 295 gets right on it and it's fixed in no time. Thanks 295!" -Diane Fair of Cayuga

"Oh my god! I can't believe this! It is so cheap. All we can get for just $2.95. It's very
affordable I think everybody should have because its great." -Abid Khan of Toronto
"I just want to say thank you and that the service is great!" -John Bettencourt of Ottawa
"Guys, keep up the great work. Service is great and price is great. I really enjoy having as my internet service provider. I recommended you guys to all my friends. Thanks again." -Maria of Brampton
"Your service is the best in Canada. Why would anybody pay more to
access the internet? I will recommend you to all my friends."
-Allen Harris of Hamilton
"WOW!! I am still in awe every time I log on to your exceptional service for this
incredible price!! Thanks a million! You put ALL others to shame."
-J.P. Smith of Burlington
"It is very good! Nothing can compare to paying only 2.95/month." -Lamthoung Mounpha of Kitchener
"I just want to add my positive comments to the many of your satisfied customers. Not only is the price 2/3 off of what I used to pay at 3Web, but the speed is similar and even better at times." -Rom Lim of Toronto
"I was paying $12.00 per month for 10 hours of use per month and not using up all of the 10 hours. I was very doubtful when I saw your ad for 295. However this is a gift from heaven for those who cannot afford the high cost of internet. Thanks a million and please let us know how you can afford to offer this price" -Ahmed Bhabha of Toronto
"I'm amazed! For the price, the internet dialup service performance and
availability are exceptional and much appreciated."
-Karl K of Toronto
"I can not imagine I can have internet just for $ 2.95. I used to pay $10 but not any more! Moreover this service is better than the $10 one anyway I am very happy to have a 2.95. Thanks 295.Ca team for providing us with excellent service. You guys are really kind!" -Wajahat Feroz of Toronto

"Bonjour, merci pour 2.95 s`est vraiment super pas cher et tres fiable." -Jacques Belanger of Ottawa

"2.95?? NO Kidding? For Real? NO way? That's exactly what I said when I heard about it. It's great and it's perfect!!" --Muqaddas Hamid of Toronto
"It is still hard to believe that I can get unlimited internet plus great service for just $2.95 a month. Thanks guys! It's great!" -Carmen Rosseel of London
"I can't begin to tell you that it is soooo wonderful that finally someone out there
is being real and honest with internet service... thank you, particularly from
all those out there, like myself, that cannot afford all other internet service
rates. You are a gift!"
-Nancy E of Toronto
"This site is really too good and so cheap....unbelievable." -Deepti of Brampton
" thank so much we found you. Great service! Great price! I shall refer all my friends to your service." -Navarajah Moothathamby of Mississauga
"You guys are just AMAZING!!!" -John Liuzzi of Toronto
"295 is a Rock, I thought 295 would be unreliable and busy due to being so cheap, but its rock solid!" -Chris Boynton of Kitchener
"I feel foolish not signing up earlier. I've had problems connecting in the past but with I get on all the time and at a great speed too. This is a great service!!" -Cameron K of London
"Great price. Great service. Great people." -Roy J of Kitchener
" has been the most helpful thing in my quest for learning on the net. Thanks so much." -Syd Alston of Ottawa
"I have tried many service providers out there and wasted too much money on poor service. I have to say that 295.CA is the best of them all. GREAT SERVICE, GREAT PRICE!!! Thank you very much 295.CA! I shall refer all my friends to your service! :-) ." -Todd Young of Toronto
"Thanks 295, I'm thankful I found your internet service. Thanks!!!!!! You made a believer out of me." -Dudley Adams of Toronto
"Man, you guys are the greatest. You offer good service and great rates. I don't understand why people spend from $20 to $60 on internet when they can get it for 2.95. Great service, great price! Bell Canada, Rogers Cable and AOL watch out." -Ray Mo of Toronto
"You guys are great. Not just for pricing but also for quality of speed you are providing." -Mary-Jane Dsouza of Toronto
"I never thought I'd find another inexpensive Service Provider ....ever! Thanks so much!" -Lina Palladino of Toronto
"Good service and best rates in town." -Supinder Kailay of Toronto
"Thank You for Your Technical Support. Salutes. Ivan." -Ivan Arana of Toronto
"I just signed up for my $2.95 per month account. It is great!!!! Fast. I just cant believe how fast it really is."
-Stanley Moxon of Brampton
"Great service, great price. Thanks!!" -Owen Dovenor of Oakville
"Thank so much we found you. The cost is only $2.95 :):):)." -ShaneAnne Sabarillo of Mississauga
"Hi! Dear Staff of! Thank You for Your great business! I send messages to all my friends about this beautiful Internet Company. Thank You so much." -Alexsejs Borodins of Toronto
"I simply love the service I'm getting at an unbelievable price. Good job! Keep it up." -Aman Guraya of Brampton
"Thank you for getting out of the "money is all we care about group" and making the internet so very affordable for all of us in this part of the country...good work." -William F of Toronto
"I am very impressed and I'm going to recommend you to everybody that I know within your connection area." -Felix P of Toronto
"This is the cheapest internet service I've ever hooked up to since I can remember" - Vincent Mendes of Toronto
"Great job! The price is unbelievable and the speed of my connection is even better.
I'm lovin' it! :) :) :)."
-Samuel Coleman of Ottawa
"I love your internet service." -Judy Thompson of Toronto
"I think it's a great idea at an unbelievable price." -Art Green of Ottawa
"As a single mom and on a very strict budget, prices for other service providers was not an option. Thanks to's unbelievable price, I don't have to worry at all!" -Sue McB of Toronto
"It's a GREAT value. I'm telling all my friends....Thank you!!!" -Joseph Carnevale of Toronto
"I feel like I'm stealing from you guys. This is so great!" -Kathy Charleston of Ottawa
"Votre service est super :) " -Shirley Duponte of Montreal
"THANK YOU!!!!!!!!" -Peter Tarcal of Toronto


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