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My Contact Info:

Mike Brown

Ext: 221 /

Director of Operations

Wholesale-New Business


To contact me directly by calling our local access number then entering my extension.



Sign Up Numbers

Toronto & GTA

(416) 848-4295

Kitchener - Waterloo

(519) 489-2300


(613) 482-4011


(905) 481-4295


(519) 488-4295

Quebec City

(418) 948-3295


(514) 448-9295


(604) 484-3125


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(902) 482-7229


(403) 770-6017


(780) 669-4560

Resellers and Distributors

Thank-you for your interest in reselling or distributing – Canada’s fastest growing ISP.

You can earn up to 70% commission reselling or distributing  The following document explains how the reseller and distribution program works.

The Product has designed and tested their brand new Setup and Installation CD and has packaged it for retail sale.  The Setup and Installation CD essentially installs Unlimited Internet Service onto the client’s computer quickly and effectively. 

Normally when a client registers with they pay a one-time setup fee of $10.  The setup fee pays for a call center agent to answer the phone, register the client and set their computer up via telephone.

When a client purchases a Setup CD they will have a tangible product, and something that will do the setup automatically.  This means that the client will NOT pay for the $10 setup fee at the time of registration (normally they would have to).  If they buy the CD, the setup fee is waived.  Our call center will verify the CD purchase at the time of registration.

How does it Work?

Once a client purchases a CD from you for $10 CDN they will need to call our office and verify the CD with us and then register their full contact information and a user name and password.  Once they have registered with our office the CD can activate the account for their computer and easily logon to the internet within minutes.  If the client does not register with our office they will not be able to logon.  Our Sales and Registration numbers are printed on both the CD and cover of the disk.

What does offer?

Price:              $2.95 + GST per Month + $10.00 Enrolment Fee (waived with CD purchase)

Hours:             Unlimited

Email:              1 Free Email Account *Additional Available

Storage:          20 Megabytes of Personal Web Space

Speed:             Up to 56K, V.90 Standard

Spam Buster:  Reduces the number of junk email you receive

Clean Scan:     Virus scanning & cleaning of e-mail attachments

Payment Methods

How do people pay for the service once they purchase a disk?  They can pay via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Amex), monthly or yearly. also accepts personal, certified, or money order cheques however please note that the account is not activated until payment is received by


All wholesale Setup CD sales are pre-paid.  The cost for each CD is $3 CDN.  Since the CD retails for $10 CDN the commission paid per sale is $7 CDN.  Since the CD’s are pre-paid, you keep your commissions as you sell the product.  There is no need to wait for payment. 

Distributors may have a slightly different structure as they may have to pay off part of their commission to resellers in their pipeline.

Every sale means money in your pocket.  You can earn up to 70% commission depending on how you will sell the product. offers high commissions because unfortunately we can not offer monthly recurring compensation. 


The CD is professionally designed and shrink wrapped.  It has clearly printed customer registration and care numbers displayed on the CD.  

Ordering CD’s

To order CD’s simply call our customer service center local to your location and ask for Mike Brown x 221.  Minimum CD order is 20.  CD’s can be paid for via company cheque, or credit card.  CD’s are sent over night via FedEx to your location.

Optional Reseller Sales Tool

An optional sales tool has to offer is their banner link for information and registration. can provide you with a banner for your website that links to an information page on what clients get with our service which then leads to a signup page. will pay $5 CDN per website signup.  Signup’s are tracked via a hyperlink from your site to our secure signup and registration server.  Ask for details.



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