1. Check your Modem settings:
    1. Open your Control Panel
    2. Local the Modems or Phone and Modem Options icon.
    3. Open the icon and look for the name of your modem.
    4. Go to the Properties or Settings of your modem.
    5. Make sure the Maximum Port Speed is set appropriately; ie 56K modems would choose 57600, etc.
    6. Click on the Advanced tab.
    7. Click Change Default Settings.
    8. Make sure Disconnect if idle for… is unchecked.
    9. Ensure Cancel call if not connected in… is checked and set to 180.
    10. Click OK until you have excited the modem settings.
    11. Try connecting again. You may need to restart first.
  2. Disable Call Waiting:
    1. Locate the 295.ca icon (on Dial-up Networking or Network Connections)
    2. Right-click on the icon and click Properties.
    3. Click at the front of the Phone Number field and type *70 in front of the existing number. Do not add ANY spaces. The number should look as follows: *70,4168484404