1. Verify you have a modem installed:
    1. Go to your computer’s Control Panel
    2. Local the Modems icon or Phone and Modem Options icon
    3. Open this icon and look for the name of your modem(s).
    4. Go to the Properties or Settings for each modem and click Diagnostics
    5. Click Query Modem. If the results say that your modem is not functioning properly, then the modem you have selected is not installed. Press OK and then remove that modem. Repeat this step for all modems listed until you find the one that works. Once you have located the working modem, remove all others and press OK.
    6. NOTE: This may identify that a modem is on your PC, however it doesn’t guarantee it will work as you may not have the correct drivers installed for it
  2. Verify you have the working modem selected for 295.ca:
    1. Go to your computer’s Control Panel
    2. Select Network Connections and locate the 295.ca icon
    3. Right click on the 295.ca icon and click Properties
    4. Check Connect using: Modem – … and select the modem that works (having identified it through the steps above).
    5. Click OK
    6. Try connecting
    7. If the above steps do not fix the problem, you may need to reinstall your modem or get newer modem drivers. It is also possible that your modem is no longer functioning which may require the purchase of a new one. 295.ca can not help you with the reinstall and is not responsible for costs incurred from repairing or replacing modems.